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Reflections Program

Openscapes Reflections is an open data science coaching program for researchers and those who support research. We know many like you have been looking for a lighter-weight way to get involved or continue building habits to support yourself and your colleagues. We’ve designed the Reflections Program to meet this need; Reflections is a 3-week program modeled from leadership coaching, something now core to the Openscapes approach.

We launched this program in 2023 and plan to lead it annually in May!

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Pathways to Open Science Program

Pathways to Open Science is a remote event series for Black environmental & marine researchers to build community for the future of data intensive science. It is led by Ileana Fenwick of Openscapes in partnership with Black in Marine Science (BIMS) and Black Women in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Science (BWEEMS).

We launched this program in 2023 and plan to lead it annually in January-March.

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Champions Program

Openscapes Champions is an open data science mentorship program for science teams. We support researchers to reimagine data analysis & stewardship as a collaborative effort, develop modern skills that are of immediate value to them, and cultivate collaborative and inclusive research communities. We work with academic, government, and non-profit research teams who become part of the open science movement as Champions empowered with new skillsets and mindsets for modern data-intensive science.

This is our flagship program that we first led in 2019. We partner with groups to coordinate cohorts of ~7 research teams.

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Mentors Framework

The Mentors Framework is a multi-year engine for culture change within organizations. It is a creative approach developed with Erin Robinson that blends tech and community building; it’s remote-first and draws inspiration and skills from many places including mentoring, coaching, facilitating, art, open source, environment, inclusion, movements, and leaders we admire.

We began developing the Mentors Framework in 2021 in partnership with NASA. We have also been informally growing the Mentors Framework with NOAA Fisheries and the California Water Boards and excited to expand what we are learning with other groups.

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