What we do

At Openscapes, we champion open practices in environmental science to help uncover data-driven solutions faster. Regardless of research question, environmental scientists are united by the need to analyze data — and to do so in a way that is efficient, reproducible, and easily communicated. With tools specifically created to meet modern demands for collaborative data science, we help create a positive open culture to enable better science in less time. Our approach:


We build awareness and excitement. We engage scientists with the possibilities of open data science with empathy, art, and storytelling, using narratives like our own path to better science in less time.


We help build confidence and skills. We empower scientists by connecting them with existing open software and communities that meet them where they are so they can develop the skills they need.


We build champions and communities. We amplify scientists’ efforts through academic seminars as well as blogs and social media to increase the visibility of open practices on campus and online.

Champions Program

Openscapes Champions is a mentorship program that empowers science teams with open data science tools and grows the community of practice in the research group, organization, and beyond. Read how the 2019 Openscapes Champions have supercharged their research, and contact us about participating in the Champions program.

Operated by NCEAS and incubated by Mozilla

Openscapes bridges environmental synthesis science with the open movement. Learn more about us.


From our blog

Blog posts are both Openscapes stories and advice snippets for the community. Some are cross-posted on Medium.com. Also, see our media page for media, presentation slide decks, and publications.

NASA Open Source Science Workshop

By Julie Lowndes, Erin Robinson on October 18, 2021

Last week NASA led an Open Source Science for Data Processing and Archives Workshop, announcing new initiatives to support open science. This was very exciting to be a part of — we learned about NASA’s continuing leadership in open science and presented some of our work with Openscapes. This is a brief summary, and will be updated with links to slides and recordings. At the October 14 NASA Open Source Science for Data Processing and Archives Workshop, the Science Mission Directorate shared their vision to enable transformational open science through continuous evolution of science data and computing systems for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

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FASEB DataWorks! Salon

By Erin Robinson on October 4, 2021

FASEB DataWorks! Salon Data management and sharing are not just technical issues; they are shifts in mindset and approach. Openscapes is excited to partner with Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) in the inaugural FASEB DataWorks! Initiative. Over the last year, FASEB has been working with its community—researchers, policymakers, librarians, society leaders, and research administrators—to understand whether and how FASEB can support data management and sharing. FASEB DataWorks!

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An R Markdown Chat with Alison Hill

By Erin Robinson, Julie Lowndes, Alison Hill on October 1, 2021

An R Markdown Chat with Alison Hill Our 3rd Openscapes Community Call featured a chat with Dr. Alison Hill, product manager for data science communication at RStudio. Alsion is a data scientist, behavioral scientist, and award-winning educator and we were thrilled to chat with her! The recording is on Openscapes YouTube. Our conversation was about why we are so enthused with R Markdown, and why we think it is so transformative for scientists.

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Better science for future us

By Erin Robinson, Julie Lowndes on September 15, 2021

Openscapes Newsletter #4: Better Science for Future Us Welcome to Openscapes’ fourth newsletter! If you’re interested in seeing these infrequent updates in your inbox, pleasesign up here (linked from ourget involved page). Please join us for our upcoming Community Call: An RMarkdown chat with Alison Hill. September 30, 12pm PT. Register at openscapes.org/events. Better science for future us The start of Fall is nearly here and with the season change and back to school, we are reflecting on Openscapes’ work over the Summer and where we are headed this Fall.

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