FASEB DataWorks! Salon

By Erin Robinson | October 4, 2021

FASEB DataWorks! Salon

Data management and sharing are not just technical issues; they are shifts in mindset and approach. Openscapes is excited to partner with Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) in the inaugural FASEB DataWorks! Initiative.

Over the last year, FASEB has been working with its community—researchers, policymakers, librarians, society leaders, and research administrators—to understand whether and how FASEB can support data management and sharing. FASEB DataWorks! is an intentionally open and collaborative approach to promoting culture change in the biological and biomedical sciences through conversation spaces, training, peer support, and prizes. Our goal is to transform the way research is performed and recognized. That is where our partnership with FASEB comes in.

We are collaborating in these two specific ways:

  1. We are sharing the Openscapes Mindset at the first DataWorks! Salon this Thursday, October 7, 1pm ET. The Salon will be an interactive event introducing the DataWorks! Initiative to the broader FASEB community. We are looking forward to sharing what Open science means to us, imagine what being open means for future us (your future self, research group, and beyond), and how you might move forward toward that future. We know there isn’t a single pathway toward Open science and are looking forward to facilitating a discussion of these pathways to work more openly and collaboratively and will share resources to help attendees continue this journey beyond our 90 minute session. Register here.

  2. Openscapes Champions FASEB Cohort - We will be supporting a 2.5 month, Openscapes Champions cohort sponsored by FASEB to develop teams of leaders wanting to transform their work practices to better data management and more reusable and reproducible workflows. This cohort is part of the larger DataWorks! Initiative to cultivate DataWorks! Fellows. More information and nominations for participation will be coming soon.

We think the best part of our job is getting to know awesome researchers doing amazing science. With this partnership, we are excited to grow the experimental biologist in our community and understand what are the common parts of the Open science pathway and what is unique. Please share this opportunity with those you know and let us know of any existing efforts that would be aligned with FASEB’s effort too.