Openscapes Partners

Current Partners

Allison Horst is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California at Santa Barbara. With a background in the fine arts, she also works digitally; see her Openscapes open landscapes in the gallery, her stats illustrations and follow her on Twitter.

Tara Robertson works with leaders to make companies more diverse, equitable and inclusive so that they can make inclusive and innovative products and services that the world needs. Tara is an intersectional feminist who uses data and research to advocate for equality and inclusion. She bring over 12 years experience leading change in open source technology communities, including 3 years leading Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla. Her work on trans inclusion was featured in Forbes, her research on digitization ethics is included in Dr. Safiya Noble’s Algorithms of Oppression and an accessibility toolkit she co-authored won an international creative innovation award. Follow her on Twitter.

Amanda Tan is a data scientist with the eScience Institute at the University of Washington. She primarily helps researchers migrate their work to the cloud and facilitates strategies for open data access, effective data visualization and collaborative cloud-based tools. Amanda received her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington with a focus on understanding water resources management in developing countries. She is currently building decision support frameworks through cloud-based delivery models.