Starting our #tidytuesday hacky hours

Starting our #tidytuesday hacky hours This is our first community blog post by Openscapes Champion Allison Horst! Hi everyone! I’m Allison. I teach data analysis, statistics and presentation skills to graduate students at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara. I’m also an Openscapes Champion. In Openscapes we discuss the need to create supportive spaces, like coding clubs, for useRs to practice and grow their coding skills.

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RStudio Conference culture

RStudio Conference culture I attended RStudio::conf this year and there is so much to report from a conference that gathers 1700 attendees from industry and academia and disciplines of all kinds. The conference centered around innovations, motivations, and communities around the R programming language and there are many excellent summary blogs. Here I will focus on how the conference felt, and how to think about replicating this feeling at conferences, workshops, meetings, and lab groups.

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How to start a coding club

How to start a coding club Summary: start small, be hands-on, use existing tutorials, have fun. Here is my advice for starting a coding club. An example is Eco-Data-Science at UCSB. We are currently a community of >100 people; we meet 2x/month at the UCSB Library’s Collaboratory and skill share peer-to-peer, with all resources organized and archived on the website. But we started off small, with co-founder Jamie giving tutorials to friends one-on-one.

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