What to do in Data Workflow focused lab meetings

By Julie Lowndes | November 16, 2018

Filenaming https://speakerdeck.com/jennybc/how-to-name-files

What should they talk about in their lab meetings Infrastructure of what a perfect looks like? This is ambiguous and even Table 1 not concrete. Eg. Storage. What are the best practices for directory building. How does that interact with

List of 20 min to 1-hour tutorials Struggling where to start. Streamline the searching for the perfect tutorials Undergrad. What are the top 10 things they should know? Naming files Installing R and gettings started Using Google Drive, but how to integrate back and forth effectively How to streamline between GH and Google Drive How to get everything up to github Send to Adrian: RProjects http://ohi-science.org/data-science-training/rstudio.html