Towards kinder science

By Julie Lowndes | December 11, 2019

Towards kinder science

Earlier this week I published a piece in Scientific American called Open software means kinder science. It’s about how open source is not only good for science, it’s good for scientists. Having science be not only more transparent and reproducible but also more kind and inclusive is a huge part of what Openscapes is working towards.

Art by Allison Horst

Open science is not just about improving the way we share data and methods; it is also about improving the way we think, work and interact with each other. It’s about technology enabling social infrastructure that can promote inclusivity to create kinder science.

I have been thinking about “kinder science” a lot, and am still working on how to talk about it, and am so grateful for the opportunity to share these thoughts in Scientific American. The article pulls from ideas we cover in the Champions program and from recent talks at useR!, FORCE 11, and eScience. I’ve got several more upcoming talks and will continue to build out these ideas — keep an eye on the media page for those slide decks. Thanks for the feedback and discussions so far on Twitter (particularly here and here).

“Open software means kinder science” is also cross-posted as an NCEAS commentary: “Open science is kinder science”.