Build communities

By Julie Lowndes | November 6, 2018

Build communities

Openscapes is built with the idea that we can model the open culture we want in science. It starts with making open data science more visible and valued in our communities. So what can you do? All of the following involve seeking out opportunities to engage and learn, including others, and amplifying your efforts.

And if you are in a leadership role, in addition to all the above:

  • talk about open data science in your departments and faculty meetings
  • teach a course (you can use R for Data Science and learn as you go, as one of our Champions as done!)
  • include funding for open data science in grant proposals
  • give your students time and space to learn
  • send your students to conferences like RStudio and useR
  • support your students starting a coding club on campus
  • support your lab having “data workflow” lab meetings (the Ocean Health Index calls these “seaside chats”)

Photo by Elliot Lowndes